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Sectors of Business

Super Strong Roads with Minimal Maintenance 

Eco-Liquids for De-waxing Pipelines and Wells
Paraxsol & Paraxsol XL

Cosmetics & Beauty Ranges
Puratonix   Natural Magic  WeavKare

Metals - including Copper & Aluminium

Cleaning & Disinfection Technology
Aktivora  Project-X  Boaters Gold

Latest LED Lighting with Superior Efficiency

Food Items & Coffee
Sanplex Ltd

Infrastructure & Project Finance

Commodities & Consumables

Trust and Responsibility -

Are our standing mottoes in business. Vendini Incorporated is a strong, family company, built by like-minded professionals. We have enjoyed years of prosperous relationships and have shown to be leaders in our specific industries. 



Corporate Acumen -

Our clients are the most important part of our business. We carefully asses our clients organisation and move to understand their commercial holistic needs. Thus, a fit for purpose solution is realised while adding critical and personal service.

Execution -

Our intentions are not fixated on re-inventing the wheel, more over our pursuits based on a necessity for improved methods and accountable practices. Practices that save money, the environment and time.

Execution, Responsibility, Trust and Understanding

These beliefs drive our pursuit to always provide the best Solutions & Technology offerings in the market today. New Scientific processes have unimaginably advanced our lives, assisting humanity in every way possible and simplified innovations thought once impossible.

Vendini Incorporated provides the latest Innovations & Technology.

Our scope of business extends into many sectors such as the Latest in LED technology and construction materials, new innovations in medical equipment, sterilising technology and maintenance of sterile environments, disinfecting products and solutions, the list is far more than can be mentioned here!

Vendini Incorporated strives for the ultimate goal of extending and actively passing on the
benefits of advanced technology, not only on a commercial scale but to the community at large.
Technological breakthroughs and benefits are crucial in today's world.

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Registered Office: 3301 Chetumal Street, Belize City, Belize, Central America (Company Number: 52, 125)