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THE LED REVOLUTION HAS ARRIVED...Click here for more information.

Introducing the pinnacle in next-generation LED technology, our new EVD (Equal Voltage Distributor) LED. 
The solution to all your lighting requirements with none of the drawbacks of conventional LEDs.


Conventional LED's...

The majority of conventional LEDs use a regulator style power supply.  These use many electronic components and a large capacity electrolytic condenser, resulting in a high risk of failure in adverse temperature environments.

The Next Generation EVD


The EVD system has a simple self-winding transformer, and pulls power supply directly from an alternating input supply, creating a conversion efficiency of over 99.9%.  Furthermore, the lights have been proven under extreme conditions to operate for more than ten years. 

Long Life 10+ Years

The main reason for LED failures in the past is due to the switching power supply system which can not stand high temperatures. The EVD power supply generates almost no heat when in use and has an astonishing long life.